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Galbally Parker’s team of experienced assault lawyers are ready to provide comprehensive support and representation to individuals navigating allegations of aggravated assault. We understand that facing these allegations can be a daunting experience filled with legal complexities amid personal challenges. 

At Galbally Parker, we understand the serious ramifications of mishandled aggravated assault cases, and as such, we prioritise legal expertise, thorough preparation, and individualised attention to secure favorable outcomes for our clients. If you’re facing charges of aggravated assault, taking prompt action can help your case. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for specialised legal assistance and guidance.

What are Aggravated Assault Charges?

In Victoria, aggravated assault falls into two categories: 

  • assault against a victim under the age of 14 or a female
  • assaults involving multiple offenders, kicking, or the use of a weapon. 

The maximum penalties for these offences range from 25 penalty units or six months to two years imprisonment.

If you find yourself facing allegations of aggravated assault, don’t hesitate to reach out to Galbally Parker Lawyers. Speaking to a lawyer early in the process can greatly benefit your case, ensuring that your rights are protected and the best possible outcome is pursued on your behalf. Our team of aggravated assault lawyers is dedicated to providing advocacy for individuals facing these allegations. 


How an Aggravated Assault Lawyer can Help with these Charges

When confronted with accusations of aggravated assault, it’s essential to understand that law enforcement officers likely won’t be on your side. Therefore, obtaining legal advice before speaking with the police about any accusations is vital. Aggravated assault lawyers can assist you throughout the various stages of these charges.

Police Interview

Before engaging in a police interview, it’s crucial to seek legal advice. Your lawyer can guide you on what to say during this process, addressing questions like whether to provide a statement, attend an interview, or consent to DNA testing. 

If the police wish to discuss an allegation of aggravated assault with you, consult our team beforehand as speaking to the police without guidance could complicate your defence later on. Additionally, if you would prefer to have support during the police interview, our lawyers can accompany you.

Pleading Not Guilty

Defence lawyers specialising in aggravated assault are well-equipped to develop a strategic defence that is tailored to your case. Your lawyer will be involved throughout every step of the process, from the initial police interview, through to trial.

For aggravated assault cases, your lawyer will analyse factors like the existence of relevant CCTV footage, DNA evidence, or overlooked witnesses. This scrutiny may lead to the withdrawal of charges or an acquittal before trial. In the event that the case proceeds to trial, your team of aggravated assault lawyers will represent you in court. 

Pleading Guilty

If you have decided to plead guilty to aggravated assault, a lawyer can assist in preparing your plea to achieve the best possible outcome in court. They will help gather necessary reports and documents to attempt to avoid or reduce a prison sentence. 

Finding the Right Aggravated Assault Lawyer

We understand that navigating the courtroom can feel overwhelming, especially for those who are unfamiliar with legal proceedings or do not have comprehensive legal representation. It’s important to understand that court personnel, prosecutors, and magistrates may not prioritise your interests, and you should have someone on your side to protect your rights and secure a fair outcome. With the assistance of an experienced aggravated assault lawyer early on in the process, you are more likely to avoid a criminal record or imprisonment. Taking prompt action allows for your legal team to collect evidence and the develop a robust defence strategy.

It’s natural to have questions and concerns about the legal process surrounding assault charges. You should have open communication with your lawyer and disclose all relevant details without hesitation, remembering that your discussions are protected by client legal privilege. The more information your lawyer has, the better equipped they are to construct a strong defence on your behalf.

When choosing a legal team to handle aggravated assault charges, it’s important to prioritise those with a proven track record of success in court. At Galbally Parker, we have a history of securing favorable outcomes for clients across a range of cases, including notable victories such as the high-profile appeals process for Faruk Orman.

Why Choose Galbally Parker Aggravated Assault Lawyers?

At Galbally Parker, our team is widely experienced in defending clients against assault charges. We place utmost importance on our clients’ welfare, and will meticulously assess all relevant aspects to ensure the best possible outcome for them. 

Don’t just take our word for it – see our client testimonials to read firsthand experiences with our legal team. If you’re dealing with aggravated assault charges, reach out to us today for expert legal support.

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