Great service, and the cost is very reasonable.

I would like to thank Natasha Poppen for the great outcome.

Many thanks.

Amin Sido

March 2024

From the moment I reached out to Galbally Parker Lawyers for assistance with a complex case involving toll infringements and warrants, I was met with unparalleled professionalism and empathy. Thomas Bell displayed an exceptional understanding of the legal intricacies and personal sensitivities surrounding my particular situation. His approach was not only comprehensive but also tailored to address my specific needs and circumstances, ensuring that I felt supported and understood throughout the process.

The expertise and dedication of Thomas was evident as he navigated the legal challenges with understanding my complex situation, and securing the best possible outcome for my case. His communication was clear and timely, making a potentially overwhelming process manageable and less intimidating. Thomas and the firm’s commitment to ensuring I understood all potential outcomes and process was highly appreciated and meant that there would be no surprises throughout the process.

I am immensely grateful for the care and professionalism shown by Thomas . His efforts have had a profound impact on my life, offering a pathway to resolution and personal healing. I would wholeheartedly recommend this Thomas and Galbally Parker Lawyers to anyone facing similar legal issues, as their service truly goes above and beyond. Thomas’ exceptional handling of my case has not only resolved the immediate legal challenges but has also contributed significantly to my personal recovery journey.

Five stars without a doubt.

Jay Rosetto

February 2024

I had an oustanding experience with Galbally Parker Lawyers, particularly with lawyers Ruth Parker, Candice Jackson, Thomas Bell and Natasa Poppen.

Ruth’s expertise and strategic approach were impressive, navigating my case with ease. Candice’s dedication, clear communicationand understanding of my needsmade the process smooth and stress free.

The entire team exudes professionalism, creating a welcoming environment. Highly recommend for top-tier legal representation.

M Duhan

December 2023

Thomas Bell navigated an extremely difficult period for me with grace, humility, honesty, and a decent serve of reality.

I am frequently grateful to Thomas and counsel Mr Richter for their professional, diligent and ethical approach to my defence, this being a significant factor in achieving the best possible resolution of my matter.

Thank you.


December 2023

My charges were withdrawn and my IVO resolved!

The best decision in my life to call Galbally Parker.

I am blessed to have Ruth Parker and her team from Galbally Parker as my lawyer. I can’t thank them enough for their help and support.

Jemie Yio

September 2023

I can not speak highly enough of the professionalism of Ruth Parker and associates.

There is not a more determined lawyer who with her team left no stone unturned in representing me.

Ian Bouch

August 2023

I would like to say a very big thank you for all your help and understanding of my son’s JP’s case. The whole process was daunting until we came to Galbally Parker.

You guys are fabulous people and Ruth Parker is  just a Gem. We will always be thankful and always remember what Galbally Parker did for my son & be forever grateful we could bring him home.

This Firm keeps it real and that’s the greatest part of dealing with you all.

Thanking you all for everything you have done for us,

All the best,
LE  & Family.


July 2023

Galbally Parker handled a complex and unusual case for me involving very serious charges of which I was guilty of.

They were able to get me the the best possible outcome, resulting in no conviction and no criminal record, while also supporting me emotionally and keeping me fully informed throughout the whole process.

Thomas Bell, whom I had the pleasure of representing me in court, is an absolute titan of a lawyer and was truly phenomenal.

I can not speak highly enough of his conduct, empathy, and nuanced professionalism throughout the entire ordeal, and my gratitude extends to him as well as the entire firm.

Thank you, for everything.

Matt DiCaprio

July 2023

I just want to use this opportunity to thanks Galbally Parker and staff for their support and professional services during my case.

Again thanks for your time, mostly my little kids been happy to spend time with me.

Finally I would be so keen to recommend anyone to your company.

Thanks, Benson.

Benson Nwosu

July 2023

I found Candice Jackson to be an incredibly empathetic and professional person to deal with throughout my interactions with Galbally Parker.

Candice would always respond to my questions or queries promptly and she is an excellent communicator.

Lastly, in what can only be described as an incredibly stressful and difficult period of my life, Candice actually listened to me and my concerns-a sounding board and a great support to me in addition to providing excellent legal advice and representing me in court.


May 2023

Galbally Parker provided me with the perfect balance of professional and empathetic advice that helped me achieve the best possible outcome to my legal matter.

I believed they genuinely cared about my wellbeing and I never once felt I was ‘just another client’. I would strongly recommend anybody who is going through a legal matter of their own to contact them. 


March 2023

I am very very grateful for the support I have received from Candice and Galbally Parker staff.
During preparation for going to court, I was somewhat overwhelmed, stressed by the ‘injustice’ of events which led me to representation by Candice. I found Candice’s calm approach, kindness and understanding, very reassuring and comforting and got me through the Court process.

Prior to Court, Candice worked hard on my behalf, liaising with Prosecution and Police, to get the best outcome for me. As a result I am very happy with the final result and was very pleasantly surprised when the Court Order was far better than I imagined.

With Candice’s kindness and support I managed to get through it all. Many thanks to her and staff of Galbally Parker who were generous with their understanding, kindness and support during this challenging time.


March 2023

I highly recommend Ruth Parker (of Gallbally Parker Lawyers) for any of your legal needs. She is the ultimate professional in dealing with matters of litigation.

Throughout the process she always made sure we were clear on what was happening. She recommended we engage Barrister Kelly McKay to represent us in court, who also practiced to the same professional and high standard as Ruth.

We were pleased with both them and the fair outcome of the case.

Michelle Bean

February 2023

Our family found itself in a situation that could best be described as a nightmare. Our seventeen year old son met a young woman and invited her to stay the night. The next day, she went to the Police and alleged sexual assault (we later learned she had done this before). Our son was stunned at the allegation and immediately asserted his innocence. As his family, we were mortified to receive the call from Police and experience how easily a false accusation of this kind could be made, turning all our lives upside down. This could happen to anyone’s family, and today it was happening to ours. We were terrified of the potential life altering consequences for our son, a young man in his final year of high school. We immediately went to a friend who worked in the legal profession, and she recommended Ruth Parker at Galbally Parker.

From the moment we met with Ruth, we felt at ease with her professional and pragmatic approach to the case. We feared we would be facing thousands of dollars in legal fees at a trial to protect our son’s innocence, during a critical time in his life. But Ruth gave great advice, which ultimately helped us a great deal. She answered all our questions, and assisted our son to ensure his side of the story was told accurately and completely. As a result, the matter was dropped by Police, saving us the expense and stress of further legal processes. While the investigation took Police a few months to investigate, Ruth continued to follow up and provide updates on our case. She was only ever a phone call away. At no stage did we ever feel alone or unsupported. She was right there with us at every step. We would not have gotten through this extremely challenging time if it was not for Ruth. If you want a lawyer who will give you the options, listen carefully to your concerns, make good recommendations based on years of working in the profession, and prepare you for the challenges you are facing, put your faith in Ruth Parker. We cannot recommend her highly enough.


January 2023

I have had very little experience with legal firms so I have little to compare .
However what I can say is that this is one very professional and capable firm.

I dealt with Ruth Parker and she was the ultimate professional.
Her knowledge of how the court system works is amazing.
She predicted the outcome right from the start and how it was going to pan out and she was 100% spot on.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.


December 2022

I couldn’t possibly improve upon Ruth Parker and her processes, style and care.

I truly have never felt so supported in one of the most shocking and vulnerable states of my life over the course of the last 12 months.

I feel incredibly comforted and grateful that other women who find themselves in such awful predicaments like I did can maintain hope, composure, dignity and ulitmately get on with their lives with the important lessons behind them thanks to Ruth’s guidance.

Ruth, please accept my warmest thanks for what you did for me and find a way to replicate yourself !


September 2022

I was very pleased with the help and legal advice that I received from Candice throughout this matter. When I called initially to explain my case my phone call was promptly handled and I was able to come into the offices for a meeting within 2 days.

I was given very thorough advice and education on the matter and this definitely helped reduce the level of stress and uncertainty around my case.

I felt I was given the best available advice throughout my case that would result in the least amount of financial burden and at no point did I feel I was being given advice or instruction that was to increase profit for Galbally Parker.

Candice was incredibly empathetic throughout my case I could not be more pleased with her support throughout the matter.


August 2022

I cannot recommend Galbally-Parker Lawyers enough! I had the privilege of Emily Wilton and Ruth Parker represent me recently in a serious court case, in which I was the accused.

From the first phone enquiry, I was immediately met with profession, friendly demeanour and most importantly – passion. I was represented by Ms.Wilton throughout my matter and felt calmed by her nature, confident and relief regarding her positivity towards my case. Emily was thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate.

Ms Wilton successfully appeared on my behalf on several occasions and always managed to reassure me that everything would be okay. Upon my final hearing for this matter, Emily was assisted alongside Mrs Ruth Parker (Principal of Galbally-Parker Legal Firm) where I became astonished at her determination, quick witted manner and ability to captivate the court room.

These two women together harmoniously created a powerful team leading to the dismissal of all charges against me, including no recorded convictions. I cannot thank Ms.Wilton and Ms.Parker enough for their timeless efforts and dedication towards my freedom.

I would 10/10 recommend the firm and if I could give more than 5 stars, I would. The entirety of the team at Galbally-Parker are unique, driven, virtuous and one-of-a-kind.

You will not be disappointed.

Thank you again, Kimberley.

Kimberley Amatoglou

December 2021

Galbally Parker lawyers, hands down has to be the best legal firm I have dealt with. They really sought out the best pathway forward and they achieved the best result I could hope for.

Couldn’t recommend them more highly … If I could give them 10 stars out of 5 I would.

Christoher Lansell

November 2021

In one phone call our life had taken a turn I could never have expected and as soon as I spoke to the Galbally Parker office I felt we were in good hands.

Our family could not have been happier with Galbally Parker, they achieved an outstanding result. A massive thank you to Ruth Parker who guided us through a harrowing experience.

Ruth was professional and engaging to deal with and was able to assure us and guide us through the whole process providing support and sound advice. Her knowledge and experience of the legal system and the matter confronting my child was exceptional.

Ruth’s associate Thomas Bell also worked on our case and was very professional, very knowledgeable and supportive.

I would highly recommend Galbally Parker and we will be always grateful to Ruth and the comforting way she advised and supported my child.

Thank you.


November 2021

I have been extremely satisified with the management of my matter, particuarly having achieved the re-enstatement of Diversion which had expired prior to having completed all requirements.

This was a great outcome for me and I want to particuarly extend my thanks to Ruth, Giselle and Tom.


June 2021

It has been a pleasure to experience the professional assistance of the Galbally Parker Team, especially Ruth Parker. From beginning to end, and every single part of the interaction, was simply excellent.

Ruth was outstanding with providing facts and information and simply made a most unfortunate scenario seem actually pleasant, along with an excellent outcome.

The Galbally Parker Team was recommended as Victoria’s leading criminal law firm and they certainly lived up to the recommendation and in fact exceeded it.

Thank you Ruth and team

Mary Hollingworth

June 2021

The best legal team to go to. I would highly recommend this firm. They are totally professional and always on their client’s side. The most amazing experience I have ever had.

Big thanks to Emily, she’s fantastic as are all at Galbally Parker. I would always use them if needed and would recommend to all. Definitiely the best I have ever encountered.

Big thank you, especially Emily

Leanne and family

May 2021

Giselle from, Galbally Parker, has been very sensitive and supportive through what has been a very difficult time for me.

She has been most helpful in clarifying my legal situation, giving informative and strategic advice, as well as her insightful and sensitive communications and dealings with authorities on my behalf.

I highly recommend her and Gallbally Parker law firm.


March 2021

I would highly recommend Giselle Nehma, she is a consummate professional who went above and beyond the call of duty in my representation, resulting in all charges being dropped, an absolute relief.

She is tenacious and knows her stuff, the person you want going into battle for you when the chips are down

Thank you Giselle Nehma


March 2021

My experience with Galbally Parker Criminal Lawyers during an incredibly stressful time was extremely professional.

I would like to thank Giselle Nehma for her professionalism, diligence and empathy with my representation.

They were very serious criminal charges and because of Giselle’s persistence and tenacity she was able to have the matter disposed by way of diversion which was a great outcome.

The night before the court hearing I had a bit of a meltdown. Giselle was firm, calm and compassionate and explained all possible outcomes.

I would highly recommend Giselle Nehma and Galbally Parker if you require criminal representation.


February 2021

My experience with Galbally Parker Criminal Lawyers has been nothing but outstanding and efficient.
Giselle Nehma was a great value in my experience with the firm, she has taken the time to understand me as her client and represent me efficiently and my cases. Not only are they a professional firm but they ensure they understand the clients personal values and morals, and act, accordingly to create, a comfortable environment for their clients:
I strongly believe that ‘you get what you pay for’ and they are a perfect example of this motto. They provide a top quality service.

I would like to thank Giselle Nehma for her incredible contribution with my cases.
In future, I will most definitely recommend this Law firm.


December 2020

I would highly recommend Ruth Parker and her team and Galbally Parker for their professionalism, empathy and expertise.

A big thank you to Giselle Nehma for her tenacity, diligence and patience with my representation.

Tremayne Murphy

November 2020

Today hopefully marks an end to a traumatic, frustrating, and confusing period of my life. Until May of this year, I had been in custody for over 11 years after fighting charges without understanding that my defence of such charges had been undermined since before my case began. In fact, before I was even charged. It is distressing beyond explanation to have to realise that, in a trial where you were attempting to defend yourself, the very basics of procedural fairness were denied you by people who swore an oath to uphold the law.

To many following the Royal Commission, the revelations of the conduct between Ms Nicola Gobbo and sections of Victoria Police have been shocking, scandalous and unprecedented in Australia’s legal system. Its difficult to express in a few words what it feels like to be shunned and stigmatized. This is what happened to me and my family.

I am grateful to the DPP for conceding my appeal and to the Court of Appeal for determining the Appeal in my favour. It allows me to close the door on a chapter of my life where this wrongful conviction adversely impacted on me, my relationship with family and friends, and my sense of self. I am grateful to my family, who have remained by my side at times when I felt truly alone and supported me throughout this ordeal.

First and foremost, I want to thank my appeal solicitors, Ms Ruth Parker and Mr Thomas Bell of Galbally Parker Lawyers. They took on my case twelve months ago. They worked tirelessly, diligently and professionally to unravel all the complexities of this case in the face of legal challenge, brick walls and a pandemic. I want to sincerely like to thank my barristers, Ms Julie Condon SC and Ms Katherine Farrell, who agreed to come on board to prepare my Written Case and then argued both my Bail Application and my Appeal. I am grateful for their skill, kindness and dedication to the legal profession. I am also grateful to Mr Michael Pena Rees and Mr Victor Andreou, my defence lawyers in my 2011 trial, who came so close to uncovering Ms Gobbo’s police informer role and the corruption that stemmed from it.

As there are matters yet to be determined before the Court of Appeal, and being mindful that the Royal Commission is yet to hand down its Final Report, I want to remain respectful of those processes and not seek to influence these proceedings in any way.

Mr Zlate Cvetanovski

30 October 2020

Ruth Parker is an insightful, highly competent and patient lawyer who takes pride in responding to client needs and approaching each legal problem with an innovative perspective.  Of the two matters she assisted me on, both matters were resolved with overwhelmingly positive outcomes.

I highly recommend Ruth Parker and Galbally Parker as the law firm of choice for all criminal and mental health matters.


September 2020

When our family received news that our brother could face up to life imprisonment for his involvement in a drug trafficking syndicate, we knew we had to get Giselle to represent him again. Giselle represented him for another serious matter (armed robbery) at her previous firm and she won that case. We did not want anyone but Giselle to represent him and actively sought to find her when we were told she had moved firms.

Giselle is very professional, extremely hard working and always communicated back and forth with our brother and our family, even though the crime was committed in Sydney, NSW. She made the process very streamline and was always prompt to answer any questions we had.

We asked Giselle to fly to Sydney and she did not hesitate, she was at every hearing. It made our brother and family feel at ease to know that she was there as we trusted her 100%.

We are very grateful for the effort that Giselle put into the case and for getting the best result possible. Giselle went above and beyond for our family and to this day, we are very, very grateful for all her hard work and effort.  

We would not hesitate in recommending Giselle and her team’s service.


August 2020

If you are in trouble with the law. I highly recommend using this law firm. Thomas Bell is fantastic and did everything what he said he would do and more. Ruth Parker is amazing.

Very professional and very understanding. Thank you Thomas and Ruth.


Adam Havlock

July 2020

I would like to say a massive thank you to Giselle Nehma from Galbally Parker for representing me during an extremely difficult period of my life. I was charged with home invasion and wreckless conduct endangering life.

I found Giselle Nehma to be very helpful, supportive and knowledgable in every aspect of my case. I would recommend anyone in need of good representation to contact Giselle Nehma at Galbally Parker.


July 2020

I was charged with sexual assault, a crime I did not commit. It is alleged I committed this offence on a busy Friday night at a Dan Murphy’s store. I got in touch with Galbally Parker and informed them of my situation.

They were very informative on what to do next. I told them I was innocent and will be pleading not guilty. It was a very stressfull time for me as I was innocent. Giselle from Galbally Parker kept reassuring me and kept me calm the whole time. She was very professional, caring and very understanding.

Since then the charges have been dropped and I have been able to move on with my life. I can’t thank Giselle and the team at Galbally Parker enough. I highly recommend this firm to anyone that needs good representation.


June 2020

Galbally Parker were incredibly helpful to me during a difficult time. I found Emily to be efficient, clear and concise when explaining legal processes, highly intelligent and above all kind and compassionate during the entire process. Initially I had engaged another legal firm for assistance however after finding them abrupt, cold and feeling like I was a bother I found Galbally Parker and I am so glad I did.

I can highly recommend them. Thank you again for all your help and legal expertise.


May 2020

I was represented by Giselle Nehma at Galbally Parker from November 2019 – February 2020 when an IVO and unlawful assault & criminal damage charges were brought against me following an incident with my ex-girlfriend. I first spoke to Ruth Parker who was very reassuring and comforting about my situation and she recommended that Giselle take over my case.

Throughout the most stressful few months of my life Giselle was incredibly confident of the process we should pursue at court. We adjourned my case 5 or 6 times from coming to a resolution because Giselle wanted to prioritise my criminal charges and see if we could get any dropped. Giselle is a great planner, she used evidence (text messages from my ex-girlfriend) and combined it with a statute in the law. In combining these two factors, my criminal damage charge was dropped. In the final appearance in court Giselle successfully got the Magistrate to place my other criminal charge of unlawful assault successfully for Diversion. In this instance Giselle also successfully got my IVO down from three years (which the other side wanted) to one year.

I am very thankful for Giselle’s efforts throughout my case. I thought many times throughout the months of representation of the outcomes that could occur, including having a criminal record. What Giselle secured in the end for me and my family was nothing short of amazing. Her diligence and enthusiasm to help me was the reason we were able to believe a result like this was possible. Special mention has to also be made of Giselle’s compassion towards my parents, whenever my parents were present in court or a development happened in my case Giselle would notify me straight away but would also make the effort to communicate with mum and dad when possible to keep them in the loop. My parents are so appreciative of the efforts Giselle made to help me, my mum thinks she is “brilliant”. My dad also a lawyer says Giselle is “very good at what she does” and that’s about as big a compliment you can get from him.

A massive thank you to Giselle for achieving such an incredible result for me personally and for easing the stress on my family. I am forever grateful.


April 2020

I would like to thank Galbally Parker Lawyers for all the hard work and on-going support I had from the whole team. I would like to say a big thank you to Giselle Nehma for the amazing service she provided me throughout my whole case. She was very professional in approaching my matter with understanding my needs and outcomes I wanted to achieve. Giselle made you feel like family, not like a client. I was very pleased with the representation Giselle performed. I got a non-conviction with just a fine and 8 months loss of license.

Great outcome.

I would highly recommend Galbally Parker Lawyers to others.


8 April 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest thank you to Giselle Nehma for the service she has provided to myself over the past few months. Giselle was very professional in her approach and had a very attentive and diligent nature. She demonstrated a strong understanding of my needs and always worked towards satisfying these needs in very proficient and empathetic manner. She made me feel more like a friend, than a client. Through her dedication to my case, I did not receive a conviction due to the breach of an intervention order. A fantastic outcome!

I am very pleased I contacted Galbally Parker and I would highly recommend their services.

Kind Regards, JC


27 December 2019

I have been so lucky, throughout this experience, to have people who believed in me and fought for me. I would really like to thank Ruth Parker, my solicitor, and the whole team at Galbally Parker. Ruth has lived this case with me for over a decade. She fought my appeals with me after my conviction and has been reviewing my case ever since. Even in 2015, she was still pursuing our avenues even though we kept coming up against blocked paths. And a special thanks for the counselling also!

Faruk Orman

26 July 2019, After having his Conviction quashed in a history making judgement by the Court of Appeal. He was represented by Ruth for 10 years.

Galbally Parker Criminal Lawyers are truly an outstanding firm. I really can’t put into words the immense gratitude I feel in my heart for Ruth and the whole amazing team. As a former inmate-released last September after serving 13 years, I can say with absolute certainty that Ruth has helped me trust people again and have faith in the system. The dedicated group of people that work at this firm stood by me not only during those incredibly tough times while I was in prison but even till this very moment, proving to be a source of unflinching support. I couldn’t have received better legal representation or moral support from Ruth. She is the most amazing woman-honest, professional, and compassionate. My family & I, as well as some of my dearest friends, some of whom are currently in the fight of their lives, have hope again because of the extraordinary work done by Ruth and the team at Galbally Parker Criminal Lawyers. I want to say much love and Thank You.

Khalid Baker

2019 Victorian Cruiser Weight Boxing Title Holder, who has a Petition for Mercy before the Attorney General in relation to a Murder Conviction.

To Ruth Parker, and the Team at Galbally Parker, a big thank you, for getting me through the last 18 months, you were always there by my side and got me through a tough time. The care and compassion from beginning to end was given with dedicated service. Thank you.

A thank you letter

Received from a client acquitted of all charges after a trial in July 2019

 ‘Galbally Parker Criminal Lawyers have truly some of the greatest legal minds. What sets these professionals apart is their dedication to the truth    and justice. We know plenty of people who have used their services and the common theme in all of the feedback is that they can be relied upon to fight for you tooth and nail from the very beginning. Ruth Parker is an especially remarkable lawyer and person. She has quite literally saved lives by providing hope again when it has appeared all was lost. Much love to Ruth and all the remarkable people at Galbally Parker Criminal Lawyers.’ 

Muna Baker

(via the Galbally Parker Facebook Page, 2019)

Laurens work ethic and compassion is truely wonderful. Bob is true professional. THE TEAM AT GALBALLY ROLFE REALLY UNDERSTAND THE LEGAL SYSTEM NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL…… Terrific compassionate caring people

Scott Donaldson

(via the Galbally Parker Facebook page) 2015

Made what was otherwise a terrible time in my life bearable for me and my family

Kieran Atkin

(via the Galbally Parker Facebook site) 2014

I was harassed by a former friend who thought that I was responsible for him losing his job. It got to much and I needed an intervention order to keep me safe. Galbally Parker were really good. They helped me through the application, appeared for me in Court and resolved the case so that the other side consented to the order without me having to give evidence. They were really supportive and explained the process to me really well

Intervention Order client

from 2013

Galbally Parker helped me with my traffic infringements for my business. I had a lot of trucks on the road and they clocked up loads of Citylink fines. I hadn’t been paying proper attention and so they all landed back on my business and I was looking at $30,000.00 of fines by the end. I was panicking and so I saw Lauren Kowalski at Galbally Parker. She negotiated with civic compliance and appeared in Court for me. In the end the total amount was reduced by more than half and I was able to pay them off. Without the help I would have been stuck

Infringements client

from 2014

They helped me when I didn’t know where to turn. Amazingly supportive and helpful.

Brenna Waller

(via the Galbally Parker Facebook site) 2010