Fees & Charges

‘Fee is not a dirty word!’

There’s no escaping it – you get what you pay for. Galbally Parker is a private firm and we charge private fees.  That does not mean that you can’t get value for your money, within your budget whilst still receiving the quality of service that we are renowned for.

Many people approach our office not knowing what they can afford and what they need to produce a successful outcome in their matter. An initial appointment is essential so that we can get to know you and you can assess whether you want to proceed with a retainer, whether you want to consider your options and whether you need a criminal lawyer at all!

We offer an initial appointment of 60 minutes at a fixed fee of $330.00 (inclusive of GST) with no obligation to continue to retain us. And, for a limited time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are halving our initial consultation fee for people who have already had their matters dealt with and have been sentenced to an Adjourned Undertaking, a Community Corrections Order or have been granted Diversion but are concerned that they will not be able to complete their conditions.

We can give you initial advice, disclose our costs to you in an informed way and you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have spoken to one of our team. The only condition that we impose is that pre-payment is required. Our team’s time is precious and when we book an appointment for you, a lawyer has ensured that they are free to sit and discuss your matter with you for 60 minutes. Once payment has been made, you will be emailed our comprehensive questionnaire to complete in advance of the appointment. It can be emailed back or brought to the appointment. That way, we spend the maximum amount of time discussing your case, not your personal details. You can cancel your appointment and receive a complete refund of your money up until the day before your appointment is schedule. Please be advised that, as of 16 March 2020, we will not conduct initial client consultations in person, but will conduct these consultations by telephone and also by Skype. We are working remotely from the office, as of Wednesday 18 March 2020, and will expand our hours of operation from 8am until 8pm to conduct these conferences. These temporary arrangements have been made in response to the State of Emergency declared effective 12pm on 16 March 2020 in response to the spread of COVID-19. 

Payment can be made by EFT or by credit card over the phone.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office  on 9670 8771 or email us on lawyers@galballyparker.com.au to inquire or to schedule your fixed fee and obligation free initial appointment.

No one has ever walked out of our office after an initial consultation feeling worse!