Areas of Practice

At Galbally Parker, we work exclusively in criminal defence law. As dedicated criminal defence lawyers, we are committed to providing our clients with the best advice and representation available. Our expert team represents clients in all relevant Victorian courts and tribunals including the Magistrates’ Court and the High Court. 

Melbourne Criminal Defence Lawyers

Our experienced criminal defence lawyers deliver a discreet boutique service and our firm has a reputation as one of the best criminal defence firms in Melbourne. On top of providing a specialist advice and legal representation, we also act as a support system for our clients in their time of need.

We are committed to our clients and always treat them with care and attention. We encourage clients to contact us with any questions or concerns they may have even out-with business hours. We ensure clients feel confident and safe in the knowledge that our team is dedicated to achieving a positive outcome for them.


The team at Galbally Parker take our role in handling criminal appeals very seriously. We are passionate about correcting errors and preventing unfair outcomes. As appeals are the final chance for our clients to have their case reviewed, our defence lawyers focus on the appropriate preparation and running of these matters.


ASIC and ACC prosecutions can be long and complex. Businesses involved in these matters often find them very stressful. At Galbally Parker, we understand both criminal and corporate law. We know that our corporate clients need a legal team that provides trust and discretion while taking action on your matter.


The team at Galbally Parker is highly experienced in the areas of assault and violent crime having represented a number of clients in Melbourne and across Victoria. Our expert assault lawyers can represent clients for a range of assault charges including aggravated assault, physical assault, common assault, and domestic assault, providing you with specialist advice and the support you need at this difficult time.

Bail Applications

Our experienced bail application lawyers provide clients with immediate advice and easier access to the resources needed to plan and prepare a bail application. We apply our thorough understanding of bail application laws to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Correction Order Breaches

If you have been accused of contravening a CCO, the team at Galbally Parker can help you through the proceedings to achieve the best outcome. We regularly work with clients charged with CCO contraventions and know how to best manage and the case and navigate the bureaucracy of the Department of Corrections.

Confiscation and restraining orders

Confiscation and restraining order proceedings are under strict time frames and as such, it is important to act quickly on these matters. Our experienced criminal defence lawyer will ensure you are informed and prepared for the proceedings that you are facing.

Coronial Investigations

The Coroner’s Court is different to other Court environments, as it is an investigative process where the coroner is trying to identify the cause of death. Lawyers assist the coroner in this process through cross-examining witnesses and making suggestions. The senior team at Galbally Parker Lawyers are experienced with coronial investigations.

Criminal Damage

Criminal Damage is a serious charge where a person is accused of intentionally and without lawful excuse destroying or damaging any property belonging to another or him/herself. The expert criminal lawyers at Galbally Parker have worked on many cases in this area and are committed to appropriately representing clients accused of criminal damage to obtain the best possible outcome.

Criminal Syndicate and Organised Crime

The first Melbourne firm to practice exclusively in criminal defence law, the team at Galbally Parker has the experience and understanding to deliver the best representation for our clients. Our team of organised crime lawyers represent clients accused of organised crime activities.

Tobacco and Revenue Offences

Businesses and individuals involved in the international import and export of goods are subject to a wide range of regulations and there is a high level of risk in trading internationally. Galbally Parker has a team of defence lawyers that can help you, or your business in customs law matters.

Cyber Crime Offences

If you have a search warrant issued upon you, which relates to activities conducted over the internet, or you are contact by police in relation to such allegations, Galbally Parker can help. Our team can represent clients accused of using a carriage service (such as a mobile phone, social media site or other multi-media communication device) to offend, harass, groom a person under 16. We can also represent clients accused of offences under the State legislation of fraud, theft, stalking, making threats to kill and making threats to commit a sexual assault online.

Diversion Program

We understand that first time offenders may find it overwhelming and stressful to appear in the Magistrates’ Court. We have assisted many clients in avoiding this experience through obtaining a placement on the Diversion Program. This means that the criminal matter is diverted from the common criminal stream and, after the plan is completed, the accused’s criminal record is wiped clean.

Drug Possession

Our team has represented clients charged with a range of drug offences from using to possessing and trafficking drugs of dependence. We apply our experience and knowledge in this area of the law to increase your prospects of success and reach the best outcome for your case.


International extradition is affected depending on the treaty or mutual assistant arrangement with another country. Due to our reputation for high quality service and our excellent relationships with embassies and consulates, Galbally Parker is one of few criminal law firms in Australia who regularly works on international extradition matters.

Domestic violence

Clients often feel overwhelmed and confused when charged with family violence offences. In some cases, they are completely innocent and allegations are made for an ulterior motive, for example, in divorce proceedings. In these matters it is important that your legal team works quickly, discreetly and with sensitivity.

Firearms Offences

The Victorian Government has strengthened the laws and penalties surrounding firearms offences as a result of the increase of shootings and other firearms offences in Victoria. The laws relating to firearms offences regularly change. At Galbally Parker, our team is up to date with these legal developments so that we can represent our clients to reach the best outcome.

fraud lawyers

Our firm routinely represents individuals accused of fraud offences, ranging from simple matters to serious allegations of obtaining a financial advantage by deception and obtaining property by deception.

Royal Commissions

In Victoria, the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) investigates allegations of corruption by people in public office and the Office of the Chief Examiner investigates crime. At the federal level the Australian Crime and Intelligence Commission investigates federal crime or crimes alleged to have been committed across state borders. Galbally Parker can represent clients in these matters.


Our experienced team can challenge, defend and decrease infringements, fines or penalties. We provide advice to ensure you are informed, prepared and put your mind at ease.

Intervention Orders

Our team of intervention order lawyers, regularly represent Applicants, Respondents and Protected People in Intervention Order and Apprehended Violence Order matters. We apply our comprehensive experience and understanding of the law in this area to deliver the best representation and results for our clients in these matters.

Juvenile Justice Matters

For decades, Galbally Parker has represented juveniles and children who have been interviewed by police and summoned to Court. We navigate these matters with experience and sensitivity to help families and children navigate the road ahead.

Manslaughter Lawyers

Manslaughter charges are among the most serious legal matters one can face, and they carry severe consequences that can impact your life in profound ways.

Murder and Manslaughter

In Victoria, the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) investigates allegations of corruption by people in public office and the Office of the Chief Examiner investigates crime. At the federal level the Australian Crime and Intelligence Commission investigates federal crime or crimes alleged to have been committed across state borders. Galbally Parker can represent clients in these matters.

Public Transport Offences

One of the most criticised public transport systems in Australia, Myki is known for payment issues, system failures and faulty cards. If a Myki or Public Transport matter is taken to court, Galbally Parker can provide legal representation.

OHS Worksafe Prosecutions

Galbally Parker defends individuals and companies prosecuted by the Victoria Worksafe Authority. These matters are not only complex and stressful for individuals, but they can also adversely affect the operations and profitability of the business. As such, it is important to find the best legal representation to reach a successful outcome.

Profession Conduct and Disciplinary Proceedings

Galbally Parker is an industry leading law firm for those accused of allegations of committing crimes of professional misconduct. Our expert team has acted on behalf of our clients, appearing in disciplinary proceedings and professional misconduct proceedings across a range of industries.

Sex Offence Matters

The law surrounding sexual offending is complex, and these matters can be very difficult and distressing, particularly for those who are wrongly accused. At Galbally Parker, we have decades of experience in defending those accused of sexual offences. We fiercely advocate for our clients while approach these cases with sensitivity.

Spent Convictions Scheme

The Spent Conviction Scheme gives people the opportunity to have their criminal history expunged so that they don’t have a criminal record forever. At Galbally Parker we are knowledgeable about this legislation and know many ways to take advantage of the Spent Conviction Scheme. Our team can help you move forward. Depending on the seriousness of the criminal conviction.

theft lawyer

Our team of criminal law solicitors specialise in the field of Theft, Burglary and Robbery, providing legal guidance and representation to clients involved in cases in Melbourne and across Victoria.

Traffic Offences

Galbally Parker can represent clients for a range of traffic and driving offences such as drink driving, driving whilst disqualified, speeding, dangerous driving, and careless driving.

Workplace Crime

The crimes of wage theft and workplace manslaughter carry criminal penalties including substantial fines and even imprisonment. Galbally Parker can assist clients accused of wage theft or workplace manslaughter, representing their interests, whilst showing them compassion and understanding.