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Our Practice

Since 1976, Galbally Parker has operated as one of the best and most highly respected criminal law firms in Victoria.

Founded by Robert (‘Bob’) Galbally and Brian Rolfe, it was the first exclusively private criminal law firm in Melbourne and we are proud of our rich history defending our clients in all matters, from summary matters in the Magistrates’ Court to complex Supreme Court Trials and Appeals in the Court of Appeal. Our team has acted in some of the most prominent criminal trials in Victorian legal history.

As part of our legacy, we have employed some of the most talented criminal lawyers and have invested in our staff. We are proud to see that former members of our team are now senior lawyers, Magistrates and Judges.

Brian Rolfe retired from practice in March 2013 after a long career, in which he mentored many lawyers who now occupy privileged positions within the profession. In 2018, Bob announced that he would transition into a consultancy role and Ruth Parker would become principal of the practice. Ruth started at the practice in September 2007 and had the privilege of being mentored by both Bob Galbally and Brian Rolfe.

Ruth is part of our history and now leads our impressive team into the future. We continue to innovate whilst we execute our philosophy that every person is entitled to the very best defence. That is what we provide and what we will continue to provide to our valued clients.

Nearest Train Stations: Flagstaff and Southern Cross Train Stations are both walking distance. 

Parking facilities are limited and there is currently a shortage on ‘on-street parking’ due to construction. We recommend parking at Southern Cross Station or on Little Lonsdale Street, which also has a multi-story car park.

Phone: 03 9670 8771

Fax: 03 9670 1594


Criminal Defence Lawyers Melbourne

Work with the Oldest Firm of Criminal Defence Lawyers in Melbourne

At Galbally Parker, we take great pride in saying that we are the oldest exclusive private firm of criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne. Established in 1976, our firm has a prestigious and storied history of high-profile cases and lofty successes—all in the area of criminal law. If you are seeking a vigorous criminal defence, you can find it by hiring our firm.

Why Trust Galbally Parker Among Criminal Law Firms in Melbourne

As you search for criminal lawyers or criminal solicitors in Melbourne, you may find yourself researching multiple firms. What sets Galbally Parker apart from the rest of the firms in this space? Here are a few of the factors that make us unique:

  • Our experience: As mentioned above, we are the oldest private law firm in Melbourne that works exclusively on criminal cases. Established in 1976 by Brian Rolfe and Bob Galbally, we continue today under the leadership of our Principal, Ruth Parker. Ruth is dedicated to extending the excellence of the Galbally Parker history into the future.
  • Our focus on criminal matters: Most law firms offer services in a range of different types of law. By focusing exclusively on criminal law, we have been able to evolve our firm responsively to the changing landscape of criminal law in Australia. In some cases, we have even had a hand in changing the law. Our laser-like focus in this area should make clients confident to choose us as their criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne.
  • Our high-profile successes: Over the years, we have worked on many high-profile cases that have garnered significant media attention. Most recently, we achieved a successful conviction appealfor Faruk Orman; the man accused and convicted of serving as the getaway driver for gangland murder hitman Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin. Orman spent over 12 years in custody thanks to Australia’s famed ‘Lawyer X’ scandal, in which his attorney double-crossed him by acting as a police informant. Ruth Parker and Galbally Parker had represented Orman since his wrongful conviction in 2009, working hard to fight for his appeal. This dedication is indicative of the attention to detail we give to every client’s case.

Myths about Criminal Defence Lawyers in Melbourne

In your search for criminal law firms in Melbourne qualified to take your case, remember not to be swayed by misinformation. In particular, here are a few common myths about criminal defence lawyers that are important to debunk:

  • They only take on serious criminal cases: Some people assume that criminal defence lawyers—especially established, prestigious firms such as Galbally Parker—only take on severe criminal matters. In truth, we will take on both complex criminal matters and more straightforward cases such as summary and traffic matters.
  • All criminal defence lawyers are the same: Experience, knowledge, compassion and dedication are all vital things to look for in your criminal defence lawyer. They are also qualities that vary drastically from one lawyer to the next. Hiring an attorney with these qualities will give you the best defence possible.
  • Any lawyer can defend a client in a criminal case: The law is complicated with many different areas and niches. Family law lawyers or injury lawyers are often very good at their jobs, but their knowledge and experience in the law do not lend itself to criminal matters. Therein lies the importance of hiring experienced criminal solicitors in Melbourne, preferably from an exclusively criminal defence firm such as ours.

Why a Client Should Hire Galbally Parker

Between our wealth of experience, attention to detail, passion for justice and our recent headline-worthy successes, you can trust us fully to fight for your rights.Contact our criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne to get started.