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What makes us different?

You may be contacting us at the very worst time of your life. Most of our clients have never been in this situation before and trying to find the right lawyer for you can be daunting and highly stressful. We aim to take that stress from you. We are not an individual. We are a team. We are experienced, systematic, passionate and invested in our client’s matters. When you engage our office, you engage our team to advise you, guide you, listen to you and advocate for you. Our firm has a 43 year old legacy but it also has innovation.

We support, develop and invest in our team. We hire the best candidates to become our lawyers, often whilst they are still in law school, so that we can train then to provide the best possible service to you. We service you in an organised, systematic and cost effective manner that is outcome and service focused.

We invest in our team so that they can be their best for you. Our internal policies for ongoing development, work life balance, risk management and professional support are second to none. Calm and happy lawyers make for reassured clients. So when you engage us, you know that our lawyers are not overworked and under-rewarded.

We utilise technology to save time, manage risk, service you quickly and in a way that you can understand. We utilise DocuSign, Text Alerts, Stripe, Bpay, Skype, Video-Conferencing and appropriate emerging technologies to ensure that you have choice and flexibility.

At Galbally Parker, you are our priority.

We invite all prospective clients to contact our office to arrange a fixed fee and obligation free appointment with an experienced criminal lawyer to discuss their pending matters.

In accordance with our professional obligations, we do not give legal advice over the phone unless you or someone close to you is currently under arrest and in the custody of law enforcement. In that case, please contact our office as a matter of urgency on 03 9670 8771. Otherwise we look forward to meeting you to discuss your matter and provide you with peace of mind.

Our service also operates after hours as an emergency service for those who have been arrested and taken into custody through our office number. If your matter is not urgent, please contact our office during business hours (9am – 5pm) and make an appointment to see one of our solicitors.

We are a private law firm and our philosophy is based around client service and consistency. Accordingly, we do not conduct any legal aid work or accept legal aid referrals. If you require a legal aid grant in relation to your matter, we suggest that you utilise the Law Institute Referral Service:

Experienced. Competitive. Passionate. Progressive.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Melbourne

Seek Competent Advocacy from a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Melbourne

Our society is founded on the protection of fundamental human rights, and one of the most important is the right to a criminal defense lawyer in Melbourne. The government has many resources and tools that it brings to bear in criminal cases, so individual citizens need strong advocacy from an experienced specialist to avoid being run over by the government. Read below to learn how Galbally Parker can help you as a team of experienced criminal defense lawyers.

The Importance of Expert Criminal Lawyers

Not all lawyers provide the same service, and there are significant benefits to usinglawyers who focus exclusively on criminal defense:

  • Extensive Experience – Our firm is the oldest exclusive criminal defense firm, so our lawyers have developed highly efficient and effective approaches to developing defenses in any criminal case. Therefore, when you work with Galbally Parker, you’re getting the benefit of nearly 45 years of technique and understanding.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge – Since our expert team has not needed to address other areas of the law, we have a robust command over everything related to criminal defense. We understand the salient points of the law and can analyse any case to determine the best way to form a strong defense.
  • Boutique Firm – We have no confusion about who we’re serving and how to do it. We pride ourselves on customer service and will completely dedicate ourselves to protecting your interests when you contract with us.

Prepare for Your Visit to Galbally Parker

There are several essential things to do before visiting us for the first time:

  • Contact us to schedule an appointment so that we can ensure you receive the best possible service. We monitor our contact line 24 hours a day, so call us at (03) 9670 8771 for immediate assistance with urgent matters.
  • Gather any relevant paperwork such as a summons, citation, or other communication related to the punitive or disciplinary matter that you wish to share with your lawyer. These documents are essential for our experienced attorneys to take the initial steps in a criminal defense correctly.
  • Organise your thoughts and experiences related to the case. Your full disclosure and honesty to the best of your ability are your best assets when it comes to defending against criminal charges. Let our experienced attorneys assemble a robust defense that gives you the best chance of acquittal.

Why Trust Galbally Parker as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Melbourne

Our name is trusted throughout Melbourne to provide the best criminal defense representation possible. For over four decades, we have served our clients in all kinds of criminal cases, including some of the highest-profile criminal matters in Victoria and NSW. We believe that privacy and discretion are important, but we do not baulk at helping you in even the most public matters. No matter what the case is, you can work with a criminal law expert to help you formulate the best possible criminal defense.Contact us today to schedule your consultation with a lawyer and begin defending yourself from the government’s accusations.