Galbally Parker Criminal Defence Lawyers

We are Different

Why do our clients choose us?


Our clients choose us because a person accused of a criminal offence needs a fearless, professional and experienced criminal defence lawyer to represent their interests, whilst showing them compassion and understanding. This is the level of service we provide at Galbally Parker Lawyers.

Being prosecuted for a crime or disciplined through a professional tribunal can be stressful, confusing and devastating to you, your family and your livelihood. You need a firm of exceptional lawyers to manager your matter and advocate for you or your loved one. Our clients choose us because we can change the course of their matter, manager their confusion and anxiety and get the very best result for them.

If you are on this page, you are probably confused, overwhelmed, worried and anxious. You may be looking for a criminal defence lawyer to represent a child or a loved one. You may be asking yourself: could I go to prison? Could I lose my livelihood? 

All of our clients, past and present, have experienced the exact same range of emotions. They came to us because they were looking for  experienced, compassionate and progressive legal representation. We treat you as an individual and not just a client. We provide the highest quality of legal representation combined with understanding. We are different. 


What is the history of Galbally Parker Lawyers? 


Galbally Parker was founded in 1976 by Robert Galbally and Brian Rolfe, both of whom had previously been members of the Victorian Bar. It was the first firm in Victoria to practice solely in criminal defence and remains one of the most highly regarded criminal defence firms in Australia. Over our near 35 year history, we have appeared in some of the most complex and high profile matters in Australian legal history.

These matters include the prosecutions of Alan Bond, Dominic Gatto, Mario Condello, Andrew Veniamin, Garry Ablett Snr, Phillip Bracken and Bruno Grollo. We have also appeared in history changing appeals, such as the conviction appeals of Faruk Orman and Zlate Cvetanovski, who were the first people acquitted after appeal as a result of the misconduct of Nicola Gobbo and the Victoria Police.

Today our practice includes representation and advice in the areas of criminal prosecutions, corporate law in a criminal context and professional disciplinary hearings in all jurisdictions, from the Magistrates Court to the Federal Court, the Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeal in every state of Australia and the High Court of Australia.

As a firm, we are joined in our mutual belief that every accused person is entitled to a fair trial before a Jury of their peers. We continue to defend our clients with the utmost integrity and passion in order to achieve the best possible result for our clients. Assisting clients through the difficulties of a criminal prosecution is not only a matter of giving good advice; at Galbally Parker we are proud of our reputation for establishing a strong and supportive rapport with clients, particularly in the long and emotionally challenging course of a major criminal trial. All matters are subject to partner oversight and supervision and all clients are treated as individuals.

Galbally Parker’s success is largely due to the exceptional skills of our individual members and we pride ourselves on our ability to work together as a team for our clients. In our history, we have attracted the most talented and passionate criminal advocates to take up the positions as associates and senior associates with our firm. Past employees of Galbally Parker have progressed to the Victorian Bar, becoming accomplished Barristers, have been appointed Magistrates in Courts across Victoria, and have become members of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Galbally Parker are specialists in the use of electronic data management systems for maximum access to and cross referencing of the huge amounts of information generated by complex criminal trials, in particular those matters involving voluminous surveillance materials.

Because Galbally Parker is held in high regard, we have access to, and only use, the best barristers (counsel), who, in complex criminal matters, especially, are essential to obtaining a successful outcome. Our long experience also enables us to match the client with the right barrister as we appreciate that every client, and every case, is unique.

Galbally Parker has unparalleled experience in the defence of clients facing criminal prosecutions.

Brian Rolfe retired from practice as of 30 March 2013. Robert Galbally retired from practice as of 1 January 2021. The practice is now owned and operated by Ruth Parker, Principal and Director, who is leading Galbally Parker Lawyers into the next chapter of its long and illustrious operation.