The appeal of our client, Zlate Cvetanovski, in relation to his conviction for drug offences as part of Operation Posse has been conceded by the Director of Public Prosecutions on the basis that there was a substantial miscarriage of justice in his case. The basis for the concession is that, over a period of years, the Victoria Police covertly paid money to the central witness against Mr. Cvetanovski.

They paid money into this person’s spend account in prison and concealed it by depositing the money in the name of another. The design was to keep this witness comfortable in custody so that he would continue to assist and cooperate with Police against a number of accused, including Mr. Cvetanovski. This was never disclosed. Not to Mr. Cvetanovski, his lawyers, the Prosecution nor the Court. The matter will now be listed for determination before the Court of Appeal, which will ultimately decide whether Mr. Cvetanovski’s appeal should be allowed and his conviction set aside.

Accordingly, until such time as the Court has determined the appeal, it would be inappropriate to comment further on the matter, save to thank Ms. Julie Condon SC and Ms. Katherine Farrell of Counsel for accepting this Brief and working so hard with our office on behalf of Mr. Cvetanovski.

Galbally Parker Lawyers

22 October 2020