To be the best, you have to work with the best, both inside your team and outside of it. The best criminal defence lawyers know that we are often facilitators and investigators, as well as advocates.

Our history has established strong relationships with experts in a variety of legal, medical, technological, and forensic fields. As technology advances, so does criminal investigation. Other lawyers ignore this at their peril!

We only use the best barristers, in Melbourne and Sydney, both in terms of their experience and their talent. Barristers prefer being briefed by Galbally Parker because we are thorough, invested and knowledgeable. Our strong relationships ultimately benefit you and add to the strength of representation that we can provide to you.

Advances in DNA science, medical investigation, crash scene analysis, and data analysis ensures that we continue to advance our service by accessing outstanding experts in their respective fields. Our understanding of people informs us that sometimes we need to look deeper to understand who you are, what you are going through and how we can help.

Our third party providers of technological, medical, psychological and forensic services excel in their fields and complete our service to you. What is complicated can be made simple if you use the right expert, who speaks your language and is invested in providing that service to you. Often their input and advice steers a case toward the right result and many of our clients have walked away happy with successful outcomes because of our comprehensive approach to their matters.

Our partnerships include:


We are proud of these partnerships and we invite you to explore their services for yourselves. Our relationships with these providers ensure that we obtain the most competitively priced yet thorough service.

Criminal Law Barrister

What You Need to Know About Hiring a Criminal Law Barrister

Do you require the services of a criminal law barrister? Sometimes, determining the answer to this question can be more complicated than it seems on the surface. At Galbally Parker, we are here to help you determine the type of legal representation you require for your criminal law case.

How Much Do You Know about Melbourne Criminal Barristers

We are proud to employ some of the finest Melbourne criminal barristers working today. But what exactly is a barrister, and in which types of cases are their services required? Here are a few facts you may or may not know about barristers:

  • Solicitors and barristers are different: The terms ‘lawyer’ or even ‘criminal law lawyer’ can have a broad meaning, encompassing both solicitors and barristers. Solicitors and barristers both have a wealth of knowledge in the legal field. Solicitors are exceptionally skilled at preparing cases and advising clients, among other things. They can also appear in court, though doing so is not necessarily their speciality.
  • Barristers play a vital role in courtroom cases: If you need a criminal offence lawyer to represent you in court, you will likely want to hire a barrister. Barristers specialise in courtroom advocacy. They work with solicitors and their clients to learn more about the case in question and to formulate a strategy for the courtroom. From there, the barrister will appear in court to argue the case and defend the client. Barristers have a deep understanding of litigation tactics and often specialise in a specific area of law.
  • Barristers do not work in law firms: Typically, barristers work independently, whereas solicitors practice as part of law firms. Law firms and their clients will then engage the services of barristers if a courtroom advocate is required.

About the Professionals at Galbally Parker

At Galbally Parker, we seek to provide each client with the most exceptional criminal defence possible. Here are a few details to know about the professionals we employ or work with regularly:

  • Our lawyers have represented clients in high-profile cases: We pride ourselves on having won favourable verdicts for clients in high-profile cases. Most recently, our Principal, Ruth Parker, achieved an acquittal for Faruk Orman, who had been wrongfully accused and convicted of a crime as part of the infamous Lawyer X scandal.
  • We seek out the finest third-party experts: While our solicitors are extremely skilled in all areas of criminal law, we also have an innate sense of when it is time to bring in a third-party expert. Sometimes, that means hiring one of the best barristers in Melbourne. Other times, it means working with third-party providers of medical, psychological, technological or forensic services. In any case, our goal with these partnerships is always to bring in the sharpest and most experienced voices to help our clients.

Why Trust Galbally Parker Regarding a Criminal Law Barrister

As experienced criminal offence lawyers with a long track record for success, you can trust that we know which cases will require the services of a skilled barrister. Our firm was established in 1976, making us the longest-running independent criminal law firm in Melbourne. We know our stuff and know when to reach outside our inner circle for the services our clients require. To learn more about the barristers we hire or us, contact our offices today.