Legislation Update – As of 1 August 2015, first time drink driving offenders with readings over 0.1 BAC, will face significant fines, periods of licence disqualified, and the impound of the vehicle they were driving for 30 days.

Police Minister Wade Noonan announced the new rules to impound cars driven by drink drivers under a crackdown on drink driving offences.

The current law allows for significant sentences and periods of disqualification, but previously impounding of vehicles was reserved for repeat drink drive offenders and other drivers who commit certain driving offences. Controversially, this new legislation would allow the Police to impound vehicles that do not belong to the driver. Currently, impound provisions allow certain safety measures for the owner of the vehicle, if they did not know and/or did not consent to the offending conduct occurring in their vehicle. In order to retrieve their vehicles from impound, owners must pay significant fees, an extra punitive measure.

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