If you have a loved one experiencing quarantine in custody, or you are preparing to go into custody, you will be wondering about quarantine for prisoners in Victoria. We have heard countless stories of confused messaging regarding quarantine for prisoners, differing systems across prisons and also the difficulty that prisoners are experiencing in quarantine.

The arrangements for quarantine for prisoners in Victoria have been developing and changing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the lack of proper information about these arrangements has been appalling. Prisoners, as members of the community, have been disproportionately affected in ways that contravene their human rights. This has continued notwithstanding that the high vaccination rates.

You can download the Department of Corrections Fact Sheet for Quarantine for Prisoners here.

If someone you care about is in prison and suffering the draconian and unfair effects of quarantine, you can complain to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner. You can also contact the Human Rights Law Centre for advice.